Who we are

Xterie is a company specialized in sterilization by ethylene oxide. We have over 20 years of experience ensuring complete solutions for your institution. We have a group of trained and committed to meeting the needs of our customers, providing products and services of high quality. Furthermore, we identify with the values ​​of environmental protection, honesty, responsibility and leadership, allowing its shareholders a growing and sustainable offering employees an adequate working environment.


To consolidate our national and international presence supplying quality products as well as to contribute with solutions to people’s health care. To reach worldwide prestige. Generating welfare to our employees and society in general.


To help improve peoples health care providing quality medical devices and pharmaceutical products


XTERIE is sterilization company also provides equipment ethylene oxide sterilizers to major medical institutions abroad through its distributors in the following countries:


In XTERIE as a fundamental premise we meet the needs and expectations of current and potential customers. We have certification BPM, iso 9001 e iso 13485.


1.-Increase the volume of business and new destinations.

2.-Check the administrative and technical processes that affect the quality of the products.

3.-Promote the training of personnel for the proper development of the system

4.-Provide the necessary resources and potential for the updating and improvement of the equipment