EO cartridge for sterlization

EO Cartridge

This new system of low-temperature sterilization provides maximum protection to the user. It has a polypropylene cartridge with safety activation to provide complete security and safety at the time of product activation and during the process. It also includes the option to use with Xterie automatic equipment and from other manufacturers.

The EO Cartridge is specially designed to work with the diffusion system.

System operating under pre-determined parameters such as:

  • Gas concentration: 560mg / L
  • Temperature: 45° C
  • Humidity: 40% relative humidity
  • Exposure time: 16 hours comprising, sterilization and ventilation
  • This cartridge can be manually or automatically activated by X-100, X-200 and X-300.
Net Contain: 20 ml. (18.15 g.)%Weight at Oz.Weight g.Vol ml.Vol cc.
Ethylene Oxide as active ingredient970.6217.6019.4019.40
Other ingredients30.020.550.600.60

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