Packaging material for use in sterilization by ethylene oxide
Mixed polyethylene sleeves BioSeal for sterilization

BIOSEAL mixed bag sterilization

Sterilization packaging material that preserves the sterile for 5 years.

Made of medicinal use paper and transparent film.

  • Film-light blue color to visually check the seal integrity
  • Paper for sterilization of 60 g/m2 and 70 g/m2
  • The foil PET / PP 57g/m2
  • Aseptic Opening and closing by thermo-sealing.
  • Easy visualization of its content through the film.
  • Polypropylene folio, without perforations.
  • Resistant to dry traction and rubbing.
  • It is an effective bacterial barrier.
  • Chemical indicator for steam, ETO and formaldehyde (not toxic).
  • Sealable between 150 ° and 180 ° C.
  • Print indicators are based on water-inks (no contain of heavy metals).
  • On orders are fabricated of special measures and prints.
  • Presentation in 200 meters long rolls without bellows.
  • Manufactured according to International Standards: EN 868 Part 5 (CE) – BS 6871 – DIN 58953 Part 4 – IRAM 3116.
  • External Packaging: Carton Box.
  • Internal Packaging: Plastic Bag.

Mixed polyethylene sleeves BIOSEAL

Easy to use:

  • Cut the sleeve according the required length.
  • Seal one end.
  • Introduce the product.
  • Seal the other end.

Easy to identify

BioSeal is transparent for both sides, allowing the product immediate identification.


To water and humidity. Its plastic component gives a waterproof packaging of great resistance assuring the sterile preservation up to five years.

TypesWidth (cm.) Long (m.)
Bioseal 5560
Bioseal 8860
Bioseal 121260
Bioseal 151560
Bioseal 181860
Bioseal 202060
Bioseal 252560
Bioseal 303060
Bioseal 353560
Bioseal 404060
Bioseal 454560
Bioseal 505060
Bioseal 606060

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