We count on sterilization supplies, for sterilization equipment. Ethylene Oxide Cartridges, Ethylene Oxide Ampoules, Sterilization mixed bag, Ethylene Oxide Blisters, Creped Paper, Metal Armored Cartridges, and Ethylene Oxide Cylinder.

EO Cartridge

  • Polypropilene cartridge
  • Activation and safety cartridge
  • Maximum protection
  • content: 20ml

EO Ampoule

  • For low temperature process
  • Content: 20 ml

Metal armored cartridges

  • Sterilization supplies for use in EO sterilization
  • Modelo Ax-100
    Diametro:38mm / Altura: 165mm / Peso: 100g
  • Modelo AQ-70
    Diametro:45mm / Altura: 178mm / Peso: 170g

Sterilization Indicators

  • Biological Indicators
  • Chemical Indicators
  • Wash Indicators

BIOSEAL mixed bag sterilization

  • Polyethylene sleeves (length 60m)
  • Mixed sleeves (length 200m)
  • mixed sleeves with bellows (length 100ml)

Creped paper

  • Made of 100% pure cellulose fibers
  • Gramm age of 100 grams per square meter
  • aseptic
  • Box of 200 square sheets of 120 mm
  • Box of 250 square sheets of 90 mm
  • Box of 250 square sheets of 75 mm

Cylinders ethylene oxide sterilization

  • Ethylene Oxide Cylinders for low temperature sterilization
  • Eto Concertation: 99.9%
  • Weight: 99 kg.

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