Our sterilizer equipments have automatic activation, easy access, digital indicators of time, temperature and light signals. We have customized equipment: X-100, X-200, and X-300.

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Why use sterilizer equipment?

Ethylene oxide sterilization is a process that requires the control of certain parameters such as humidity, exposure time, temperature and control that by not using sterilization equipment it is very difficult to have under control to ensure an optimal sterilization process.

Xterie offers sterilizer equipments by ethylene oxide with features and functionalities necessary to achieve optimal and automatic sterilization work.

We offer different models that cover the diverse needs of our customers.

Phases of the EO sterilization process

The EO sterilization process comprises three (3) phases to achieve an optimal result.

Pre-conditioning phase: All objects to be sterilized should be carefully washed and soaked in water for one hour. After this, they should be dried and placed in the container bag and entered into the sterilizer. If they are objects that cannot be wet, it is advisable to leave them overnight in a closed chamber with high relative humidity.

Sterilization phase: during this phase the objects to be sterilized inside the container bag are exposed for 12 hours to the sterilizing action of ethylene oxide. The proper temperature, humidity, and pressure must be monitored to achieve the successful sterilization of materials.

Ventilation phase: this phase seeks to remove the ethylene oxide particles that remain in the materials to be sterilized. In Xterie equipment this phase lasts 4 hours. It is recommended to store materials removed from the sterilization equipment for 24 hours in a chamber with additional ventilation.