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XTERIEEthylene oxide sterilization to safeguard people's lives

We have more than 20 years of experience providing ethylene oxide sterilization solutions. Our skilled professionals are driven to fulfill our customers' needs, providing them with high-quality products and services.





At XTERIE, we are committed to addressing our customers' needs by providing sterilization solutions in a timely manner, focused on eliminating threats to human health in health care facilities.


Consolidate our local and global presence by providing quality products and solutions that contribute to people's health care.

World leading company specialized in Ethylene Oxide sterilization solutions

XTERIE is an ethylene oxide sterilization company with an international presence in providing ethylene oxide sterilizers and supplies to renowned medical facilities around the world.

Why are we the best choice in the market?

XTERIE applies the highest quality standards while developing and manufacturing our equipment and supplies. Our company complies with GMP requirements and is dual certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

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