Medical Devices Industry

Medical Devices Industry

At Xterie, we provide comprehensive solutions to the medical sector. We offer low-temperature ETO sterilization equipment.

Learn about the best alternatives for heat-sensitive instruments sterilization. We are the best alternative in the market. Get professional results at a very good price

Our sterilizers have been tested by qualified technicians under various scenarios demonstrating an effective performance.

Sterilization equipment with outstanding performance for diverse medical entities and specialties:

Learn about the supplies and devices you can sterilize with our equipment:

  • Arthroscopes
  • Bronchoscopes
  • Bronchovideoscopes
  • Loops
  • Rubber
  • Cystoscopes
  • Choledochoscopes
  • Duodenoscopes
  • Plastics
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Electronic parts
  • Fibre-optic endoscopes and fiber-optic cable
  • Flexible endoscopes
  • Radiofrequency equipment and cables
  • Ultrasonic equipment and cables
  • Optical fiber
  • Dental drills
  • Gastrovideoscopes
  • Implants
  • Mixed surgical instruments or trays
  • Mixed surgical instruments or kits
  • Surgical instruments
  • Podiatric surgical instruments
  • Volk lenses/loops
  • Volk lenses
  • Meter
  • Nonwovens / Cellulose fabrics
  • Other electronics
  • Delicate handpieces and cables
  • Batteries
  • Sharps
  • Handpieces
  • Ureteroscopes
  • Gastrointestinal videoscope

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