BIOSEAL Polyethylene sleeves for sterilization

BIOSEAL Polyethylene sleeves for sterilization

Polyethylene sleeves for sterilization of medical equipment and supplies Dimensions from 5 to 60 cm wide by 60 m long.

Suitable for Steam, EO, Formaldehyde sterilization
Presentation in Uncut Continuous Rolls
100% aseptic

Main advantages

Controlled porosity

Waterproof and resistant to atmospheric and sub atmospheric pressures

Allow homogeneous penetration of sterilizing agents (steam or gas)

Ensure the sterility preservation of the package content after the sterilization process.

Minimize potential contamination of the exterior of the packaging due to inadequate handling and storage

High resistance to physical factors

Data sheet

Width 5 to 60 cm
Length 60 m
Material Polypropylene

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