Xterifast XF-100 ETO Sterilizer

Xterifast XF-100 ETO Sterilizer

High-speed Ethylene Oxide sterilization equipment Our sterilizer completes a sterilization cycle in only 6 hours!

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54 liter
6 hour
sterilization cycle

Main advantages

Our sterilizer completes a sterilization cycle in only 6 hours

Equipment designed to sterilize heat-sensitive medical devices

Innovative technology for safe operation and the best ease of use

Easy for system installation and maintenance

Complete sterilization and aeration cycle in the same chamber

No additional vacuum lines required

ETO Sterilization Equipment

Turnaround time of sensitive medical devices has never been faster! Xterifast allows to complete an ethylene oxide sterilization cycle in only 6 hours.

ETO Sterilization Equipment

Xterifast delivers highly effective and safe sterilization of the widest range of items in a gentle, single process.

Its temperature control cabinet, combined with Xterie’s bag and cartridge technology, maximizes gas efficiency, and minimizes gas usage: only 18 g of gas per cycle.

Boost your business processes. Save time and money!

Data sheet

Structure Manufactured entirely in Stainless Steel
Overall height 93 cm
Overall width 74 cm
Overall depth of equipment 62 cm
Chamber capacity 54 liters
Temp control range Between 40 ºC and 45 ºC during the process
Power consumption 600 w
Power 110 or 220V – AC
Sterilization method Chemical sterilization at low temperature
Sterilizing agent Ethylene oxide (EO)
Sterilization cycle 6 hours total (4 hours of sterilization, 2 hours of aeration)

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