BIOSEAL Mix sleeves for sterilization

BIOSEAL Mix sleeves for sterilization

Mix sleeves for sterilization of medical equipment and supplies. Dimensions from 5 to 30 cm wide by 200 m long (with and without bellows)

(Non-toxic) Steam-Formaldehyde Chemical Indicator
Heat Sealable Range 150-180 °C
High mechanical resistance in dry and wet conditions

Main advantages

Light blue-tinted transparent film for easy viewing content and seal integrity

Heat-sealed aseptic opening and closure

Puncture, tear, dry traction and rub resistance

Keeps firm and non-crystallized after sterilization process

Composed of 60 g/m2 and 70 g/m2 sterilization foil; PET / PP 57g/m2 aluminum foil

Effective microbial barrier

Data sheet

Width 5 to 30 cm
Length 200 m
Other options With and without bellows
Material Polypropylene and crepe paper

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